Leather-soft-cleanerThe Leather Soft Cleaner is a water based cleaner that can be used on all Leather types.

This is a mild cleaner that will not affect the Leather’s original properties or finish. Leather Soft Cleaner will clean most soiling as well as water based stains.

Most cleaners contain solvents like alcohol or mineral spirits. These types of cleaners will definitely clean, but also will attack either the finish or dry the Leather out. Leather Soft Cleaner is solvent free and works without removing finish or harming the Leather. The only time that Leather Soft Cleaner could remove color or change the Leather is under the following circumstances:

1. If the Leather is not colorfast to any type of liquid. You can test this by wetting a soft, white cloth with distilled or purified water and wiping the Leather. If color comes off on the cloth from only purified water, the Leather Soft Cleaner or anything else will also remove color.

2. If the Leather Soft Cleaner appears to have darkened the Leather, it is extremely absorbent. The Leather has shrunk. The Leather has not gotten darker, but each dot of color has gotten closer together, thus giving the appearance of becoming dark. All you need to do is to stretch the Leather by pulling it in all directions. You will see the color lighten.

For Leather Types A & P

Available formats:

  • 686304 Leather Soft Cleaner – 1L
  • 686323 Leather Soft Cleaner – 5L