Our heat repair system is made up of three products :

  • Grain Copier
  • Heat Filler
  • Heat Repair Knife

Grain Copier

The grain copier is a two component mixture. It is squeezed directly on to the surface of the leather, mixed and allowed to set (about 2-3 minutes). This give you a reusable leather grain copy

Item #: 686357

Heat Filler

You will need the heat repair knife to harden this filler type. The advantage is that you can fill small holes and scratches in a couple of minutes. In order to have the grain pattern printed in the filler, you will need our Leather Grain Copier.

Item #: 686358

Heat Repair Knife

You will this heat repair knife to harden the heat filler.

Item #: 686359

Learn how to use these products with this video: