686353-LeatherVitalLeather Vital is for revitalizing older leathers and for improving the feel of stiff leathers. Leather Vital penetrates the leather to soften and nourish it. This product is often used to solve the complaint that the leather doesn’t feel as soft as the floor model and similar comments.

Leather Vital can also be used when doing repair work, helping soften the area being worked on and diluting some of the pigments. Leather Vital is excellent for stopping the squeaking noises that can happen from leather on leather contact. This noise is especially common with leather motion furniture.


Clean the leather with the Soft Cleaner for Leather. Shake the Leather Vital well before using. Apply the product to a soft, clean, lint-free cloth and wipe a thin layer evenly on the leather. It is better to apply several thin layers than a heavy application. Allow each layer to dry and absorb into the leather before repeating.

For leather types A and P

Format: 250ml

Item #: 686353