gellubeExcellent for removing packing marks

Concentrated paste used in conjunction with steel wool or scotch brite abrasive pads to smooth finishes, removes overspray, packing marks and fingerprints. Finishes may be rubbed to a high sheen or satin lustre, depending on grade of steel wool or abrasive pad used.

  • Water soluble, no added costs for solvents or oils
  • No clean-up necessary, simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth
  • Contains no silicones, non-toxic
Rubbing Procedure: Use a small amount of concentrated paste on a 4/0 steel wool or Scotch Brite Type F Super Fine and apply to the finish surface by rubbing in the direction of the grain. Apply firm, even pressure in alternating strokes with the steel wool or Scotch-Brite, using a Felt Pad to steady your hand. Mix 1 part Gel Lubricant Rubbing Material with 4 parts warm water to make a solution or use convenient Pre-Cut Liquid Gel Lubricant Rubbing Material—16 oz. bottle with self dispensing cap. 

Item # Description
680360 Concentrated Paste – Qt.
680361 Concentrated Paste – 1 gal.
680362 Concentrated Paste – 5.28 gal. (20 litres)
680350 Liquid Lubricant Rubbing Material – 16 oz.