Colour, clarity and coverage…Dover Finishing System Toners offer this and more!

Colour variety and finish consistency are key in any finishing or touch-up job. Our toners provide rich tones and clarity so that the beauty of the wood is preserved while our new dye-based colour system transforms any piece into a treasure. High solids, pre-catalyzed 600 series formula.

Item Description Colour
768109 Amber
768139 Oak Extra Dark
768142 Oak Dark
768150 Walnut Light
768151 Walnut Medium
768152 Walnut Dark
768153 Walnut Universal
768154 Walnut Extra Dark
768161 Mahogany Brown Red
768162 Mahogany Light Red
768163 Mahogany Medium Red
768164 Mahogany Wine Red
768165 Mahogany Red
768174 Cherry Universal
768177 Cherry Dark
768191 Fruitwood Medium Brown
768200 Ash Light
768202 Ash Dark
768203 Umber Burnt
768204 Brown Medium
768205 Umber Raw
768206 Umber Raw Dark
768207 Brown Van Dyke
768210 Espresso
768211 Sienna Burnt