csm_DFP-153_dae11343adPremium quality Fill Sticks at a fraction of the cost!

A unique “easy-fill” wax formulation combined with benchmark setting low cost, make this amazing stick a must in any factory, shop or touch-up application. It’s also an excellent addition to any repair kit.DFP uses a blend of waxes, pigments and dyes to offer you optimal fill and adhesion. Used to conceal small holes and gouges, fill open joint sections. Blended from high-grade wax that won’t shrink. No heating or special tools are necessary. Simply rub in and wipe off excess. Can be finished with most topcoats. Premium quality Fill Sticks at a fraction of the cost!


Item # Description Colour
684100 White
760101 Off White
760102 Frost Medium
760107 Blond
760110 Almond
760111 Wheat
684120 Black
760121 Transparent N/A
760125 Natural
760130 Gray Light
760131 Gray Medium
760140 Oak Light
760141 Oak Medium
760144 Oak Blond
760145 Oak Bleached Pink
760148 Oak Red
760152 Walnut Dark
760160 Mahogany Brown
760161 Mahogany Brown Red
760162 Mahogany Light Red
760163 Mahogany Medium Red
760164 Mahogany Wine Red
760173 Cherry Light
760174 Cherry Universal
760175 Cherry Medium
760180 Maple Light
760181 Maple Medium
760190 Fruitwood Cherry
760201 Ash Medium
760203 Umber Burnt


Item Description
760030 Complete Set with carrying case

***Kit and contents may vary