Precision application and extremely fine line graining

The DFP HD brush tip touch-up marker delivers precision application and extremely fine line graining

The synthetic brush tip applies allows for fine lines or very long, smooth runs without losing colour to the tip. The specially formulated dyes provide crisp colours that can be easily blended for excellent colour accuracy. State of the art resins and dyes dry quickly with a resulting durable finish that can be handled or clear coated almost immediately.

HD Markers

HD Touch-Up Marker

Kit Case

Item # Description
762050 High Definition Brush Tip Marker – Complete Set (36 Colours)
Item # Description Colour
762104 Sandstone
762111* Wheat
762120* Black
762125* Natural
762130* Grey Light
762131* Grey Medium
762139* Oak Extra Dark
762140* Oak Light N/A
762141* Oak Medium
762142* Oak Dark
762147* Oak Red Natural N/A
762148* Oak Red
762150* Walnut Light
762151* Walnut Medium
762152* Walnut Dark
762153* Walnut Universal N/A
762160* Mahogany Brown
762161* Mahogany Brown Red
762162* Mahogany Light Red
762163* Mahogany Medium Red
762164 Mahogany Wine Red
762173* Cherry Light
762174* Cherry Universal
762177* Cherry Dark
762180* Maple Light
762181* Maple Medium
762191 Fruitwood Medium Brown
762200 Ash Light
762201* Ash Medium
762202 Ash Dark
762203* Burnt Umber
762204* Brown Medium
762205* Umber Raw
762206 Umber Raw Dark
762207* Brown Van Dyke
762210* Espresso

*Available individually