csm_DFP-153_dae11343adMake repairing minor scratches, nicks and other imperfections a snap 


DFP uses a blend of waxes, pigments and dyes to offer you the finest wax repair sticks available. Our most popular product over the years is an inexpensive way to fix most minor repair applications and a vast array of colors ensures that there is always one for your job. You can also let us choose for you by ordering one of our assorted kits of which include the most popular colours available.


If we don’t carry the colour you need, custom colors can be designed to match your exact requirement.


Item # Description Colour
765100 White Pure*†
765101 White Off
765102 Frost Medium
765103 Cream
765104 White Pearl
765105 Parchment
765107 Blond
765110 Almond
765111 Wheat
765120 Black*†
765121 Transparent† N/A
765125 Natural*†
765130 Gray Light
765131 Gray Medium
765139 Oak Extra Dark
765140 Oak Light*†
765141 Oak Medium*†
765142 Oak Dark
765144 Oak Blond
765145 Oak Bleach Pink†
765147 Oak Red Natural
765148 Oak Red
765150 Walnut Light*†
765151 Walnut Medium*†
765152 Walnut Dark
765153 Walnut Universal†
765160 Mahogany Brown†
765161 Mahogany Brown Red
765162 Mahogany Light Red
765163 Mahogany Medium Red*†
765164 Mahogany Wine Red*†
765173 Cherry Light
765174 Cherry Universal*†
765175 Cherry Medium†
765176 Cherry Brown Red
765177 Cherry Dark
765180 Maple Light†
765181 Maple Medium†
765190 Cherry Fruitwood†
765191 Fruitwood Medium Brown†
765200 Ash Light†
765201 Ash Medium
765202 Ash Dark
765203 Umber Burnt†
765204 Brown Medium†
765205 Umber Raw
765206 Umber Raw Dark
765207 Brown Van Dyke*†
765210 Espresso*†


Item # Description
*765012 Classic Best Seller – Set of 12 Fill Stick
†765024 Classic Best Seller – Set of 24 Fill Stick
765050 Classic Fill Stick Complete Set with carrying case

***Kit and contents may vary