Not so long ago, DFP made a tough decision. We determined that we could best serve your needs by offering you the finest touch-up products available while withdrawing from other areas of the finishing business. It wasn’t an easy decision, but today we’re confident that it was the right one.
This increased focus has enabled DFP to become a quality leader in the touch-up world. Our sole concern today is how we can best deliver the touch-up needs of the various industries we serve. The results have been groundbreaking. We now offer you the best new technology in areas such as touch-up systems designed specifically for flooring applications; our benchmark setting Quickwood epoxy now available in various wood tones; economical after sales touch-up kits to help reduce service calls and returns as well as our continuing research into top-of-the-line water-based aerosols.
Furthermore, we’ve improved our ability to better meet the specific requirements of many of our partners. Our lead times on custom Fill Sticks, Touch-Up Markers and Pro Finish aerosols have been reduced and our onsite Touch-Up Seminars have become our most popular service. The knowledge imparted in these seminars is key in reducing waste and production delays by providing your staff with the knowledge targeted to meet your specific demands.
After more than 60 years, DFP is your source for surface solutions.


DFP Timeline

Martin Dover incorporates Supreme Bag, an enterprise dedicated to the supply of jute bags.
Supreme Bag becomes Dover Pad and is focused on supplying the Canadian moving industry with quilted pads and related products. We quickly realise that movers damage furniture a lot. Later this decade we add a full line of professional care and repair products to our offering by partnering with Star Finishing Supplies.
Dover Pad broadens its customer base to include more general industry.
Packaging products are added as focus shifts to predominantly industrial customers.
The company continues to grow its clientele of furniture manufacturer every month.
Dover Pad becomes Doverco Inc. and the finishing and touch-up products division is split off into a new company, Dover Finishing Products Inc. In a strange twist, Dover Pad becomes a brand of Dover Finishing Products, of which you can learn more at www.doverpad.ca.
Late 1990’s
Star Finishing Products, with whom we had been working since the 1950’s is purchased by a competitor and closed. We spend a few years developing and improving upon the products we were not already making and adding them to our line. Some of our initial products were great, some others were suspect at best.
For the first time since distributing the Star Finishing line of products, we have finally conceived the highest performance products for wood touch-up and repair. Oddly enough, at the same time, Quebec’s furniture manufacturers, second only to the Carolinas in North American furniture manufacturing, decide that China is a much better place to manufacture furniture. Furniture stops lasting as long and requires more touch-up before even being sold!
We partner with Leather Master SE to bring the internationally recognized and industry-leading leather care products to Canada and the U.S.A. Leather everywhere becomes cleaner, more attractive, longer lasting and squeak-free. Over 100 different products for leather are introduced.
Product innovations continue. Our electronic newsletter is introduced. The end of the noughties is looking up.
“Surface solutions” becomes our mantra. We promise to give you professional touch-up and repair products for wood and leather that work.
New website is launched. Staff celebrates 62 years of business by answering the phone with 62 different greetings. Fortunately this only lasts one phone call… and it was for our parent company.
DFP Inc. is purchased by Martin & Associates. A strategic partnership is formed allowing DFP and Martin to deliver synergies not previously available to our industrial and retail customer base.

Our Core Values

Find innovative ways to satisfy customers in a can-do manner.

Continually improve our systems and surroundings. Look for opportunities to upgrade our skills.

Create a positive work environment by going the ‘extra mile’ and communicate with respect and consideration.

Create harmony and pride in the company. Treat all our stakeholders; staff, vendors, and customers with the highest ethical standards.