Microfiber-Cleaning-KitCleaning upholstery is not just a matter of hygiene. If upholstery is not cleaned regularly, over time fatty acids from perspiration and dirt penetrate into the fibers and cause severe damage.

This kit is designed for regular maintenance, and will keep your upholstery looking new for many years. Clean your upholstery thoroughly at least once every six months or whenever the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth proves unable to remove the dirt.

The Microfibre Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning microfiber fabrics and removing protein (food), tannin (drink) and most ball point ink stains. This product is extremely concentrated. On average the 225 ml spray is sufficient for cleaning 5 to 6 sofa seats.

The Trade Secret® Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is extremely effective in removing dry dirt from microfibers. Use it dry on dry upholstery. Do not rub too hard. Wrap the sponge in the kit with the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth to make it easier to hold. If the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth fails to remove visible dirt, this means that the dirt has penetrated into the upholstery. Use Microfibre Cleaner spray to clean it.


225ml/7.61oz Microfibre Cleaner
1 Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
2 Sponges
1 Terry Cloth Mitt
1 Instruction Brochure

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