scratchremovergallonFor Dark or Light Wood

Oil-based polish with staining action to hide minor defects on furniture, floors, paneling and other finished wood surfaces. Camouflages scratches and scuffs from abrasion. Excellent clean up and restoration polish with no wax or sticky build-up. Protects against spills and prevents cracks. Used by manufacturers, antiquaries and refinishers to hide residue around carvings after rubbing. Silicone-free formulation will not discolor. A quick, effective and inexpensive touch-up tool for manufacturers, installers and movers.

For Dark Wood:Recommended for walnut, mahogany and dark woods.

For Light Wood:Recommended for maple, pine and light woods.

Item # Description Size
777060 Scratch Remover for Light Wood Gallon
777080 Scratch Remover for Dark Wood Gallon