PC Clear Liquid Epoxy

PC-Clear™ Epoxy is a medium viscosity liquid epoxy system with greater clarity than other epoxies. This product is excellent for repairs and projects that must be less visible such as art objects or collectibles. PC-Clear™ epoxy is fast curing but allows ample time to apply and position the repair. After curing the epoxy does not become brittle, instead cured PC- Clear™ forms a tough resilient bond. PC-Clear™ can be used on more than just cosmetically critical repairs and in addition it can be used for automotive, construction and facility repairs. Use PC-Clear™ when you are concerned about appearance of your repair and a liquid epoxy is what you are looking for. Work time is about 4 minutes and cures in 1 hour.Epoxy 2 Part Adhesive

  • A liquid epoxy that is clear
  • A liquid epoxy with strength rivalling that of heavy duty paste epoxies
  • Bonds: metal, glass, ceramics, concrete, fabrics and wood in all combinations
  • Waterproof once cured
  • Working time of 4 minutes
  • Fully cured in 1 hour
  • Multi-purpose

701022 – PC Clear Transparent – 1oz
701023 – PC Clear Transparent – 2oz