Will not shrink, crack or fall out of the repair – Easily make your own custom colours

This truly water-based wood putty ensures that your repairs will be easy to effect and long-lasting. Timbermate® sets the bar high in a very demanding industry. Get serious about your fill repairs with a serious putty. Find out why Australia’s #1 selling wood putty is turning the industry upside-down!

  • Will not shrink, sink crack or fall out of repair
  • No waste – Easily reconstituted when dry
  • Mixes perfectly with oil or latex tints and stains
  • Takes stain like “real” wood
  • Compatible with any finish
  • Custom colours can be accurately reproduced using the Neutral Tint Base
  • Freeze/thaw stable
  • Truly water-based
Item Description Size Colour
640030 Red Oak 250g
640031 Maple/Beech/Pine 250g
640032 Alder 250g
640033 Walnut 250g
640034 American Cherry 250g
640035 White Oak 250g
640039 Neutral Tint Base 250g
640040 Red Oak 2Kg
640041 Maple/Beech/Pine 2Kg
640042 Alder 2Kg
640043 Walnut 2Kg
640044 American Cherry 2Kg
640045 White Oak 2Kg
640049 Neutral Tint Base 2Kg